Dice Boxes

Are you really still using that Crown Royal bag?

We all know some players have far too many dice to count, and they will bring every one to a gaming session. But sometimes you pick up a set that demands to stand apart from the rest. Whether they are metal, gemstone, or specialty runic dice, give those wondrous randomizers the home they deserve in a solid wood dice chest.


solid wood

Each of these boxes are made from a piece of solid wood, as opposed to having separate pieces for the walls, base and lid. The difference is that it has a much more dense and durable feel, and there are no constructed joints at all. Each die has it’s own spot free from bumping in to one another, and the bottoms are lined with soft foam. The natural grains and beauty of the wood are present in every piece.

a place for everything

The boxes come in several sizes for one or two full sets (of 7) dice. There are even some with a spot for your mini-figurine, or a few extra dice if you opt for that instead. Perhaps you’re a player who prefers to bring one full set, plus some extra d20’s and d6’s for those big fireballs or sneak attacks? Or maybe you are traveling and can’t bring everything to a game. These boxes are great for making sure you only bring what you need.


snappy lids

The lids and base each have pairs of mating magnets embedded into them, and they are strong! The lid won’t come off unless you want it to. Rather than pulling the lid up to remove it, it’s easier to twist the lid away from the base to separate the connection.

aesthetic appeal

The lids have just enough flair to add some fantasy appeal to the boxes without detracting from the natural beauty of the wood. Leather straps are inlaid with decorative brass tacks for that real treasure chest feel. Or maybe you just want a natural hardwood inlay for a streamlined look? Purpleheart, padauk, and many other exotic woods can really add a striking contrast.



Multi-function boxes

If you are looking for something that can serve as both a rolling surface and some dice storage, look no further.


the arena

The arena is a double octagonal rolling tray that conveniently nests together and has space to store several sets of dice inside. You can lend a tray out to another player, or you can stack the “base” on top of the “lid”. This way, you can keep your on-deck dice down below for easy access, and they won’t get in the way of your current rolling. As always, choice hardwoods are used, with walnut walls being the standard, and a combination of contrasting species for the base and lid.


the adventurer’s box

This is exactly what the budding adventurer needs for his campaign when bringing absolutely everything to a session just isn’t appealing or practical. The base of the box has a foam liner that will hold 3 full sets of dice in designated rows (21 dice total), as well as a spot for your mini figurine and a pen or pencil. The mini spot is formatted to fit official D&D spell cards as well, and can easily store even more of those precious dice you keep hoarding. (how many do you really need?) Included is a travel-friendly notebook for keeping track of campaign notes, which sets right on top of the foam liner once it’s time to pack it all up.

And most importantly, once the magnetically attached lid is separated, you will see that the lid is actually your rolling tray. It’s an all-in-one box! The lid can even be customized with one of our standard designs or your own logo.

This is a really great travel-friendly box that can be brought to a convention, on a D&D camping trip, or just to force you to bring only the dice that are necessary because, really, you might have a dice collecting problem. Seek help.

Custom images can be done on the front.

Custom images can be done on the front.

Room for 3 full sets of dice, a spot for your mini, pen or pencil, spell cards, and however many extra dice you probably have.

Room for 3 full sets of dice, a spot for your mini, pen or pencil, spell cards, and however many extra dice you probably have.