Drinking Accessories

If you’re a craft beer fan, these bottle openers and caddies are handy and handsome to help transport and open your beverage. Using an image transfer process, there are plenty of designs featuring various fandoms that may appeal to you. Honestly, I wish many of these were real beers and not just made up labels.


it ain’t cardboard

Wooden 6 pack holders work great for bringing to game night or gifting to someone complete with a 6 beer sampler. Cast iron bottle openers are on the front of each.


themed labels

Each image is applied via an image transfer process. The image is actually in the wood, as opposed to on the wood like paint or a label is. The result is that it actually takes on the quality of the wood and retains some attractive wood grains. Also it won’t scratch or rub off. Neato!

bottle opener nuka in use.jpg

wall or no wall

Wall mounted bottle openers look good and have a handy cap catch in front to, um, keep track of your future problem. You don’t even need to mount it to the wall, just set it on a counter and have at it.

You know you love at least one of these fandoms…

bottle-openers-3 packs.jpg