Dice Towers and Trays

We’ve all chased that 20-sided die across the table and onto the floor after an important role. Don’t be that guy (or girl). Keep your rolls contained and fair every time. Not only are these hardwood towers beautiful, but they are functional and compact as well. Plus everyone knows that you get a fair roll each time (no fudging those rolls!)


compact design

The towers take up a minimal footprint on the table, and well all know that the more players there are, the more valuable table real estate can be.


Nesting tower

Each tower nests cleanly inside each tray, and comes with a strap to keep things together while in your bag. A couple of contoured cutouts make the tower easy to access.


real hardwood

Various hardwoods are used including white oak, walnut, cherry, padauk, purple heart, rosewood and ebony. A popular choice is to have a contrast of light and dark: for example, a tower with dark walnut for the front and the back, with white oak side walls make a very attractive piece.


leather liner

The inside tray is lined with genuine leather which provides protection, an even rolling surface, and a great addition to the aesthetic.


natural finish

No stains are used at all. Each piece is hand finished with a natural oil and wax finish, which brings out the incredible colors and grains, and provides some protection as well.


simple, effective

Inside, there are 3 ramps that ensure an even roll each time, and each tumble of the die makes a very satisfying sound. There are no hardware fasteners present, the entire construction is wood and glue.

The Legendary Rolling Tray

There are many rolling trays out there, and they are perfectly great and functional. But many of them are just trays. I wanted more functionality out of mine, more utility, more levels!


Now we are ready to roll! Everyone plays differently. Some people enjoy dropping their rolls into dice towers, others prefer to give em a proper toss, Vegas style. These handsome trays provide enough room for you to send a handful of dice tumbling across the leather-lined base.

Strong magnets in the lid allow you to have some dice storage, and there are a couple of fun options for underneath the lid.

2 rolling cups nest inside the storage compartment, and for high-level characters, this is a great feature. Prepare all of the dice you’ll need for your upcoming turn in one cup and when you’re up, you can just roll the entire thing and keep combat moving.