Dungeon Master Screens

Maybe you started out like everyone: with a couple of opened up guidebooks on your table, keeping those important notes and stats from prying eyes. Perhaps you moved on to one of the official D&D board screens. But it’s time for an upgrade. Each Dungeon Master screen made by hand from solid wood. Between the initiative trackers, magnetic interior for posting notes, and the carefully crafted decorative elements, your new screen will be a true treasure on any gaming table.


decorative features

Polished brass corner details adorn both the center panel and each of the doors. Leather trim lines the top and bottom of each board, and handsome brass tacks give it that treasure chest look.


Initiative tracker

Along the top of each panel is a groove specifically made for holding the included 16 dry erase initiative trackers. They are all double sided so you can have player and enemy names on both sides, and you can include symbols to indicate status conditions.


3 hinged panels

The center panel is approximately 18” wide, and each of the doors are about 9” wide. At 12” high throughout, it’s the perfect size for 4 standard sheets of paper to be affixed via the magnets to the inside. Nice brass hinges let it all fold out to your liking, and fold back up for storage.


magnetic interior

Inside the screen there are 4 magnets embedded flush at the top of each panel, and they are spaced out so that you can keep your notes handy.


leather door latch

A hand cut leather closure snaps the doors closed, and has just enough flex to shift with any movements in the wood.


door details

There are several options for customizing the look of the doors, including a couple of shield cutouts with familiar quotes from Critical Role.


gate hardware

You can choose to have genuine iron hardware details that are often found decorating ornate wooden doors.


colored d20

2 colored cutouts in the shape of the iconic d20 die adorn each door, one showing a 20 (crit!) and the other a 1(fail!)


natural color d20

If you prefer a natural wood tone instead of the colored ones, this choice will keep the raw wood feel of everything.

Center panel image options

The below images are all standard choices available to purchase, but you can also provide your own images to personalize the screen to make it your own.

Text can be personalized on any of the banners shown.


The Stronghold

Care to go with something a bit more dramatic? These screens don’t feature any imagery or designs, instead allowing the natural aesthetic of the wood to speak for itself. Various paint, stain and other distressing techniques give each a rustic and worn look, much like the gates of a long-forgotten fortress might have.

The Living Fortress. Once a proud bastion of wood-dwelling folk, now long forgotten, nature has begun to reclaim it as its own.


Even the fires of the abyss could not destroy the Crimson Gates, and despite showing the scars of a thousand raging wars, these walls still stand strong.


Behind the Doors of Shadow lie an eternal void of darkness and mystery. While undeniably solid, they still seem to have an ethereal aura that would make one question what these walls are really made of.

DM stronghold-grey.jpg

Mystery and intrigue lie behind the Azure Walls, mysteriously forged by elemental magics. What ancient knowledge hides within? (hint: it’s the DM’s notes)