Initiative Tracker Rails

Already have a Dungeon Master screen? Well rest assured that tracking combat order is still one of the more important organizational aspects of the game. You’re covered here. Just like with the screens, each rail comes with 16 double-sided dry erase trackers. Use the included colored pens to determine friend from foe, and make indicator marks to show conditions.


beautiful hardwood

Only hand-selected quality hardwood is used for the rails, finished with an oil/wax blend to bring out the natural warmth and grains. They look great, function well, and store easily in any bag.


magnetically attracted

Each rail measures approximately 13” long, and can hold up to 8 trackers per rail. If you have a small encounter, you may only need one, but you can double the size for a larger battle. With a pair of magnets embedded in the back of each, they snap together in a satisfying way for compact storage. Plus, it sorta feels like a wand.


complementing pairs

Each pair of rails is made using 2 different hardwoods, sandwiched together. There are several combinations available, so find the colors that speak to you and start the fight!